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Les Mineraux de Marrakech

Foaming agate

Foaming agate

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The agate foam conveys balanced and harmonious energies, it helps its regain a taste for life By helping it hunt gloomy and depressive thoughts. By encouraging to perceive the good sides of life, it is a stone which transmits positive emotions such as joy, love and happiness.

The moss agate helps his carrier to unload the weight that weighs on his shoulders, in particular by helping him better manage stress and pressure. It allows you to feel better internally while promoting the attraction of theplenty and some richness. It is also very conducive to creativity, the self-confidence, consciousness and mental liveliness.

In contact with the foam agate, the positive features From your personality could be amplified but it could also be very favorable from a relational point of view. Indeed, this stone helps better sympathize with others and at the same time promotes a better expression as well as a good communication.

Encouraging growth, moss agate is carrying optimism and hope, it will help you always go ahead and let go of anything at all costs. This stone is conducive to the development of mental strength, determination and courage. It is perfect for ambitious people and for achieving goals.

Please note, each stone are different, the color of the mineral can vary from one stone to another.

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