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Les Mineraux de Marrakech



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The Botswana agate is a stone of positivity communicating joy of life and which dismisses the feelings of distress or loneliness. It helps to find morale, to gain in motivation And to find solutions to his problems. Promoting temerity, this beautiful gem is carrying Determination, courage, stability and confidence.

Following a tragic event or during bad passes, Agate Botswana will help you not give up and you regain control. It allows you to chase passive or depressive behavior in order to encourage optimism and Passage. It also promotes calm, maturity and logic.

Know that Agate Botswana is a very good stone helping you Maintain your good resolutions Over time, in particular for the release of dependencies. To go further, you can associate it with smoked quartz if you want to stop the cigarette or associate it with amethyst if it is the alcohol you want to stop.

Agate Botswana is also conducive to love, not the love of others but theself love. Indeed, she could help you gain in clean love and it could then bring many Other positive effects in your life. If you have difficulty accepting yourself, it is definitely a stone that I recommend.

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