You will find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions. And if the answer you are looking for does not appear on this page, write us to lesminerauxdemarrakech@gmail.com

What is the "novelties of the month"? Each end of the month I offer you a selection of stones, the "news of the month", chosen personally depending on the month or the season.

How do these monthly sales work? The day of online is announced on Instagram (@IEsminerauxdemarrakech) and by newsletter about 10 days before. During this period of time, I present to you daily on the Instagram account of the shop all the stones which will be part of these "new features of the month". The opening of the sale is made at 6 p.m.

I had a crush on a stone seen on Instagram which is not available, can I reserve stones? All stones not available can be reserved by contacting us either by email if not Instagram.

When we place the new features? Meeting on Instagram (@Lesminerauxdemarrakech) to find out the date.

The prices for the same variety of stone are not the same, why? The prices are calculated according to the weight of the stone, which explains the price variations.

Will there be restocking? It depends on the success of the stone, and the stock at my suppliers. Therefore, if you have missed a stone especially do not hesitate to let us know by sending me a message on Instagram or by email! The more there will be any request for a stone, the more likely there will be that it will be offered for sale again.


Orders & Shipments

How do I know if my order was taken into account? Once your order is validated, you will receive a confirmation email. Don't forget to check your spam!

I have a modification to make to my order, how can I do? You can modify your order within 24 hours, and/or if you have not received an email confirming its shipment. The sooner the best. To do this, send an email to lesminerauxdemarrakech@gmail.com by indicating your order number, or failing that the names and surnames used to place order.

When will my order ship? Orders are prepared and shipped within a time of 72 hours working days.

How do I know if my order has been shipped? You will receive an email with tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped.Don't forget to check your spam!



How to explain the properties of stones described in the product sheets? The energetic aspect of the stones comes from my feelings and my experiences in contact with each stone, but is not a universal truth. Even if in broad outline the properties of a stone are found for everyone, a stone will then reason in us according to our own energies and experiences.

Where do the stones of the store come from? I’Origin of each stone indicated on its product sheet. We make it a point of honor to work with suppliers who are enthusiasts, real stone lovers, who work with respect for the latter and people, who have all our confidence, and who are based in countries 'Origin of the stones: Brazil, Peru, Madagascar, India, Pakistan, Mexico, China, ... We go and get the product at its source, with specialists who know it better than anyone.

How to choose my stone? You will find in this article.


Use of my stones

Do I have to purify/recharge my stones when I receive them? Yes ! All the stones of the store are purified to the sage before arriving at home, but it is important that you purify the latter upon reception so that your stones are unloading all the possible energies accumulated and are ready to interact with you.

How to purify/recharge my stone? You will find on the shop of the store a complete and detailed article on purification (here), as well as on recharging.

How often should I purify/recharge my stones? We advise you to purify your stones upon receipt of the latter and before each use.

How to know which methods to use to purify and recharge my stone? Refer to each card delivered with your stone for purification and recharging methods, on the product sheets of each stone present on the store or on the post relating to them on Instagram. Do you still have a doubt? Then opt for the Purification by fumigation, and put your stone any more than 10 minutes in the sun to recharge it. The color of your stone can put you on the track of the recharging method.

I have stones at home whose name I do not know, can you identify them? We receive a very large number of identification requests every day and cannot follow up on it, especially because it is difficult to identify a stone just through a photo. We work on a method that will allow you, we hope, to identify your stones independently and which will be available soon!

I need personalized advice, is it possible? 

First of all: trust yourself in the choice of your stones, no one knows you better than yourself! Prefer to choose the stones that attract you rather than those that seem to suit you after reading their properties, because your heart knows better than your mind which is good for you.

How can I use my stones? Meditation, in the pocket, to sleep, in grid crystal, ... There are a thousand and one ways to use your stones!